AGS Cobot gripper (EOAT) kit

PreciGrip Gripper Kit

The PreciGrip Gripper Kit was developed from years of experience in grippe construction. Form-fitting connection for maxium precision and repeatability.

The target is to set up the gripper in a 90 degree orientation of the gripper compontens and to make only the active element such as the suction cup or the parallel gripper adjustable. Only two tools are required for the individual systems (P13 / P22).

Suitable for handling different components, the gripper can be quickly adapted to the geometry of the component.

All components from the standard gripper kit are compatible with this. The entire modular gripper system comprises approx. 2500 components, the HRC modular system approx. 100 components. Components such as gripper change systems, profiles, profile accessories, clamping pieces, gripper arms, active elements, etc. are at your disposal.

No channel nuts are required, so components can be added at any time.

The CAD GRIP 2.0 gripper configurator and the customer portal at are optional additions.