ARQUIMEA - ARAS polishing and sanding kit for UR cobots family

ARAS (Adaptative Robotic Algorithms for Sanding) is an all-in-one tool that ensures a uniform finish when polishing or sanding flat, curved or even flexible surfaces. A user-friendly path planning algorithm allows a fast drafting of the desired track that the robot will subsequently follow during the execution of the program: sanding orientation, path shape, concatenation of different tracks, coverage, etc. can be easily defined by the user.
During the operation, ARAS controls the force applied providing an automatic adjustment of the sanding plate to the surface to be treated. There is no need to teach the robot the curvature of the surface to be treated, in that with ARAS it is sufficient to provide a few outline points (e.g. 4 corners for a rectangular area). With the subsequent sanding operation, ARAS provides a complete map of the actual force applied to the treated surface for quality control purposes.
The kit includes all you need (hardware and software) for sanding. A fast installation procedure and a specifically designed user interface permit a fast set-up and short learning curve. Configure your sanding activity in just a few minutes. The ARAS tool is specifically designed for efficient automated low and medium production runs.