ArtiMinds Robotics - electronics assembly of Memory Modules demo with UR5.mp4

Universal Robots+



ArtiMinds Robot Programming Suite (RPS) for Universal Robots represents a new generation of automation. It is flexible, universal, robust and portable, thus combining the best of both human labor and classical automation. It combines online and offline programming in a unique, intuitive package to easily create complex robot programs without writing a single line of code.
ArtiMinds RPS supports you during each phase of automation setup: from fast and efficient robot programming and simulation up to commissioning of your robot. This basic software package features easy and ultra-fast online and offline programming via robot skill templates with fully automatic robot code generation.
ArtiMinds RPS is trusted and approved by top multi-national companies and has received several awards for its innovative and intuitive approach of robot programming.

Force-controlled assembly of RAM memory on PCB programmed with ArtiMinds Robot Programming Suite (RPS).