ArtiMinds RPS Force Module

The ArtiMinds RPS +Force module is designed to make your robot intelligent. With force-controlled motions the robot can address process variances in real-time by adapting its motion like a human, based on readings from a force-torque-sensor.
Adding tactile sensitivity to your robot vastly increases the number of tasks which can be automated robustly. Choose the force-torque-sensor that suits your task perfectly and solve even the toughest automation challenges in no time, like cable wiring, electronics assembly, tight-tolerance fitting, plastic-part mounting or polishing.

Force-controlled motions are always decisive when:

workpiece poses vary and cannot be easily fixed
deformable materials lead to not fully predictable workpiece behavior
workpieces change surface properties or geometry
process forces and torques have to be monitored
workpieces have to be handled with great care
ArtiMinds RPS +Force is an optional add-on to the award winning ArtiMinds RPS software