ArtiMinds RPS +Vision

The ArtiMinds RPS +Vision module enables you to leverage the power of standard vision solutions in your robot application. Choose the best vision solution for your application from manufactures like Cognex, Keyence, SensoPart, Sick or Halcon.
ArtiMinds RPS automatically generates the required URScript code to communicate with vision hardware, regardless whether you chose wrist or stationary mounting.The program will adapt the robot motion based on the vision detection results.

Vision enables you to:

handle different positions and types of workpieces
cope with varying working environments
adapt to tolerances of workpieces, holders and grippers
perform quality inspection tasks
You don’t have to write a single line of URScript code! Use the predefined templates and wizards of ArtiMinds RPS to program your robot in only a few steps. ArtiMinds RPS + Vision is an optional add-on to the award-winning ArtiMinds RPS software.