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Boog Machining company

December 09, 2016 case stories
In SMEs, automation convinces more and more manufacturers who are concerned about expanding into new markets while reducing the arduousness of the work. Repetitive tasks are supported by robots and operators are given other missions in order to improve productivity. The BOOG machining company, specialized in milling, turning and machining of small parts in small series, needed production equipments that can be quickly and easily reprogrammed to perform a variety of tasks. BOOG also wanted to reduce health problems related to the work of its employees on the production tool and the arduousness of positions.The company was looking for user-friendly and affordable robots, suitable for a small business. BOOG turned to A.E.2.I./Expert France official distributor of the Danish robot manufacturer Universal Robots in France, which recommended them the UR5 robot which fully complied with the requirements of the company.

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