Cobotizur Installation

The cobotizur is a flexible plug & play palletizing platform that integrates with UR10 / UR10e collaborative robot from Universal Robots to simplify palletizing.

The cobotizur provides the capability to quickly setup a collaborative robot for palletizing cases. It relieves the workers from the laborious task of stacking cases and enables them to do more value-added work. Thus, increasing the throughput of our end customers and the job satisfaction of their employees.

The integrated UR10 / UR10e with cobotizur becomes the palletizer platform. This can be installed into an existing line without the need for additional guarding or fencing, making the installation extremely simple and effective.

cobotizur democratizes the concept of palletizing. With the simplified platform-based approach, any engineering integrator or end-customer can now uncrate and install cobotizur and start palletizing in just an hour.