CobotPlanet - Machine Tending Specialist

Flexible and straightforward process automation is a decisive factor in the drive to improve the productivity of your machine park and your employees. You can increase your competitiveness now with CP-1s – the first professional solution for quick integration with CNC machine tools. The workstation has been developed for trouble-free mounting of blanks in machine tool chucks and for removing machined workpieces. It is ideally suited for operating milling machines and turret lathes.
CP-1s features a UR10e collaborative robot, a dual electric gripper and supplementary equipment depending on the configuration ordered – cobot base, frame, flexible workpiece handling and storage system (perforated plates with pins, gravity feeder or KLT containers), as well as a set of application-specific gripper fingers.
The centrepiece of the station is C-Interconnector – a PLC-based solution that enables seamless exchange of signals between CP-1s and machine tools, as well as operation of all necessary functions in a plug-and-play manner. This, combined with the compactness of the workstation, enables it to be transferred between machines with little effort.
Two ways of implementation are available – as a complete ready-to-use CE certified solution with the implementation service package, including workpiece implementation support, training of staff and adjustment of machines, or on a do-it-yourself basis, where you can choose from the extensive range of components available in our online shop and assemble the workstation yourself according to the detailed instructions.