Creating Reusable Blueprint for Designing Cobot Applications

The potential of Collaborative Robots (Cobots) becomes boundless when breaking free from the constraints of traditional robots—those confined to repetitive tasks, manual programming, and a lack of environmental awareness. Cobots have emerged as a solution to these limitations, empowering customized workflows and the safe collaboration of humans and robots in smart factories, hospitals, and many. Augmenting human capabilities with strength, precision, and data analytics, Cobots revolutionize mass customization in manufacturing and reduce lead times for factory automation.

The development of Cobot applications relies heavily on autonomy, incorporating perception, planning, and control algorithms. In this Teck Talk, discover how to leverage MATLAB’s AI capabilities and sophisticated robot algorithms to elevate the intelligence, autonomy, and effectiveness of your Cobot applications across various scenarios. We will provide a structured and reusable guide for designing applications for cobots and guide you through the creation of real-world applications, such as intelligent bin picking with Cobots using MATLAB and Simulink, providing a template for diverse Cobot applications.

Join us to explore how MATLAB can empower your Cobot applications, enhancing their performance, productivity, and collaborative capabilities.