Live Webinar

Introduction to Universal Robots Plus


This session will give an introduction to Universal Robots Plus. UR+ is our showroom of cutting edge products developed by third parties and then certified by us to be plug and play with the UR system. We'll discuss our approach to the ecosystem, guide you through the showroom and explain how we ensure that the products featured are easy to integrate and program.


Andrew Pether

Technical Communications Consultant

Andrew has been with Universal Robots since early 2014, spending 3 years as Head of Technical Support in Asia Pacific, before moving into the Global Competence Centre team in mid-2017. His current role involves communicating technical information related to the usage of collaborative robots in a clear and concise manner. Andrew gained his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Robotics and Sensor related fields in the UK before spending 7 years working in Robotics in China focusing on distribution and integration of robots for research and development.