The ISand Cobot by Flex Trim is a versatile sanding solution which can be integrated with and mounted on UR5, UR10 & UR16 (both E- and CB series) and the package includes both hardware and software so you are all covered. The ISand Cobot by Flex Trim is an end of arm tool, which will make your sanding both faster, more flexible and less expensive.

The sanding brushes can adapt to all surfaces no matter if it is a curved and profiled surface or if we are talking about a flat item, and thru the low RPM you will get a very long lifetime of the sanding tools. By using a swap-out scheme, you will even be able to get your sanding certified. Together with Flex Trim’s sanding system you can work on all products such as composite, metal, plastic, wood etc..

The ISand Cobot by Flex Trim can be mounted with both a traditional sanding drum and a sanding disc, depending of the application, and if you working with the snap-lock version the UR-cobot can be programmed to automatically change from one sanding solution to another.