Olympus Technologies Igus Dryve D1 Manipulator

Olympus Technologies are proud to present the Igus Dryve D1 URCap. Designed to echo the same simplicity that is fundamental to Polyscope, controlling an Igus manipulator with a Universal Robot.

The Igus Dryve D1 is a flexible control box that, thorough the power and flexibility of its web interface, is capable of controlling a vast array of Igus manipulators. Both rotary and linear modules can be easily configured, with both variants offering specifications to fit a wide array of applications, from short to long travel, light to heavyweight payload and low to high speed.

The URCap will automatically adapt to the configured manipulator, allowing all motion parameters to be specified. With the ability to specify continuous rather than discrete values for position, speed and acceleration, the Igus manipulators provide maximum flexibility.