Respiro video

Respiro is born to support cobots in handling applications, in the field of logistics and packaging. Respiro is an electrical vacuum generator, independent of compressed air. With its two separated air circuits is very easy to set up a load-unload appliction.
It is equipped with two physical input ports to monitor the presence of the objects to be picked up and also has a button to use the cobot in free drive mode, without the need for the teach pendant, and therefore to be able to quickly program the picking and deposit positions. To complete Respiro is needed a gripper, using its builtin mechanical tool changer. We offer different solution with our CarboGrip, made in carbon, from 1 to 8 vacuum cups.
You can build your gripper according to your needs or have more than one and replace them according to the product to be taken, you will never lose the functionality of Respiro. Thanks to the URCap, Respiro can be perfectly adapted to fulfill your individual needs.