SD30-55 Quick Start

Patent pending Air-Less Syringe dispensing solution for the process application industry: SD 30/55 is a dispensing tool/end effector for Universal Robots which ensures accurate delivery of fluids ranging from very low to high viscosity. The SD 30/55 is fully integrated with the robot with specially developed software and only needs to be connected with the robot through the M8 8Pin connection point. It does not use compressed air. This makes it simple to install and program, saving time and giving a much higher level of process control, reducing the variance caused by pressure change when using air. In the Aim URCap you can control the dispensing speed. Through programming, it is now possible to change the speed in line with the robot speed ensuring constant dispensing volume on any path. Allows for accurate placement on any shape, surface, or orientation in continuous motion.Typical application: silicones, adhesives, very thin fluids.