SEAO_How collaborative robot technology supports industrial automation in the New Normal.mp4

The outbreak of COVID-19 has adversely affected the global economy. Numerous effects of the pandemic will likely continue for a long time, some may even stay for good. COVID-19 has given us awareness of social distancing, whereby we pay much attention to hygiene in our lives – at home, in the public, at the workplace, including production lines within factory settings. Join us at this webinar that focuses on how industrial automation, such as collaborative robots (cobots) reduces the impact of COVID-19 pandemic as we live in the New Normal.
Key takeaways:
- Understand how collaborative robotics prepares to support the development of automation in the manufacturing sector and reduces impact of COVID-19 in the New Normal.
- Learn how you can create stability for your production processes through automation in accordance with the New Normal.
- Create business sustainability and increase your competitive edge, resulting in more business opportunities.