Soft Robotics Adaptable Gripping solution mGrip P2 UR+ kit

Universal Robots+



Introducing the Soft Robotics mGrip P2 UR+ Kit™ - the on-demand, modular gripping solution from Soft Robotics, designed specifically for Universal Robots. Built on the award winning Soft Robotics technology, each Soft Robotics mGrip P2 UR+ Kit™ comes equipped with the components you need to build, validate and install a production-ready two-finger gripper in minutes. Using uniquely designed spacers, users can adjust their gripper size in real time, supporting a quick set up, deployment process and limiting downtime. The kit includes the Soft Robotics Control Unit UR+, which enables the Soft Robotics mGrip P2 UR+ Kit™ gripper to cycle 3-4 times per second, keeping up with even the most demanding applications, and solving picking challenges that couldn’t previously be automated