Live Webinar

Using cobots in the Pharma and Medical device sector - 09/12/20

December 09, 2020 12:00 PM

Get ahead in 2021 with automation! Join us on Wednesday December 9th at 11:00am for our ‘Using cobots in the pharma and medical device sector’ webinar when our experts will reveal how cobots are making the industry more-efficient.

The major benefits of automation include saving workers from hazardous environments and repetitive tasks, reducing production costs, eliminating human error and the potential for human contamination. Our cobots are currently being used to support pharmaceutical and medical companies across an array of functions such as dispensing, sorting, assembly, machine-tending and packing.

We have seen companies use our cobots for packaging of medical devices as our robot arms can be trusted to deliver consistent results, sterile handling and assembly of the small, delicate parts that are used in medical devices.

Our webinar will reveal more of the functions our cobots support while also detailing how they are easy to program and can work side-by-side with your existing workforce. Find out why our cobots are trusted by your competitors for their affordability, versatility, efficiency accuracy, precision and hygiene.


Mark Gray

Sales Manager for UK & Ireland

Mark started his career as an electrical engineer and moved into automation working for a manufacturer of packaging and bottling machines for Coca Cola. After a move into sales Mark ran a distributor for Cognex vision systems for 14 years. Finally joining Universal Robots as UK manager 3 years ago to take responsibility for day to day business.