Vention Cobot Palletizer timelapse

Design cobot palletizer, tailored to your exact factory need. Leveraging Vention’s cloud manufacturing automation platform, create your custom cobot palletizer with plug and play components and intuitive URCap.

The kit includes a vertical actuator (Vention or Ewellix based on required height, speed and clearance), up to two box feeders (belt or roller conveyor), an end-of-arm tool (Schmalz or Millibar), palletizer software (Pally powered by Rocketfarm), sensors and pallet locator, a stack lite and the safety equipment of your choice.

Saves on time and cost by deploying your palletizer by yourself, supported by step-by-step integration guide, assembly drawings, and proven URCap.

This fully-tested URCap kit is intuitive and flexible, allowing you to commission the entire solution in a single day.