Build your Automation Game Plan: Tools to Prioritize Winning Robot Projects

Automation technologies have progressed to the point where the majority of manufacturing businesses have multiple processes that are ready for robotic automation. But with so many business challenges driving automation, and so many different components, tools, and robot models contributing to automated systems, how can businesses prioritize what processes to automate first?

Join Alex Thesken, Marketing Technologist at Universal Robots, as he discusses the value UR’s new Application Evaluation Tool. This interactive form organizes environmental and personnel factors, as well as installation, programming, and operating considerations that add time and complexity to an automation project. Manufacturers can compare processes side by side and determine which potential automation projects will deploy into full production most quickly, and deliver ROI soonest.

Attendees will be able to:

- Recognize the five factors that drive complexity in automation projects

- Explore how to mitigate risk factors and identify a smooth deployment strategy

- Strategize a scalable automation plan for your facility driven by ROI

- Receive the free Application Evaluation Tool to get started