Grand Opening of the world’s 1st Collaborative Robots Hub in Barcelona.

About Universal Robots



On 6th November, #Barcelona laid the foundations to become the center of innovation in collaborative automation in Southern Europe. Two of the major reference companies in this industry, #UniversalRobots and #MiR (Mobile Industrial Robots), opened the first worldwide hub focusing on collaborative robotics in 22@ district of Barcelona. More than 150 people attended the event. The new hub is 1,500 m2 that are occupied by each company’s different offices, plus a joint showroom where the latest technology and applications for cobots will be demonstrated. About 30 people work in the hub. Conceived as an inspirational space to innovate in collaborative robotics and mobile robotics, the new site will also host trainings and meetings for generating synergies between developers, distributors and manufacturers. In the collaborative robotics hub, Universal Robots will provide its experience as the world’s leading manufacturer of cobots, of which it has sold more than 39,000 units. These robots release employees from all types of repetitive and hazardous jobs, delivering high precision and competitiveness in industrial processes. Moreover, MiR will be offering its expertise in collaborative mobile robots, a solution for automating internal transport operations in a broad range of factories and healthcare sectors.