Mobile Cobots – 6 axis arms mounted on AGVs

Our ‘Mobile Cobots: 6 axis arms mounted on AGVs’ webinar will take place Wednesday 4th November at 11:00am. 

Join our automation experts as we take a closer look at how our e-series products and AGVs (automated guided vehicles) can work together to bring about powerful results to the production line. 

The combination sees a cobot mounted on a platform that is free to move safely. This turns out to be extremely useful for carrying items from one location to another as it saves a considerable amount of time. Moreover, the cobot can now perform tasks on its own on wide objects or can execute several different operations on the same part. The production line becomes better optimised and allows the human workforce to work on tasks of higher value and not repetitive, strenuous tasks.

Our 6-axis arms are our most-innovative and affordable solution yet and although table-top friendly and lightweight, these are our most flexible cobots as they have the ability to rotate any way necessary meaning they can support a wide array of tasks from leading and onloading to pick and place with vision and also polishing.

Discover more about the iconic pairing of 6-axis cobot with AGVs by joining our webinar.