Using Cobots to bring 3 instant benefits to the electronics industry

From the long-standing global labour shortage to the unexpected challenges Covid-19 has presented, automation has never been more relevant to the electronics industry. 

At Universal Robots, we understand these challenges and as a global leader in automation we want to share our expertise and knowledge with your business to help it thrive in the current climate.

Join our ‘Using Cobots to bring 3 instant benefits to the electronics industry’ webinar this coming August 5th at 11:00am. Our experts will reveal exactly how cobots can become an integral function of your electronics operation and immediately increase output, while protecting the quality your business is known for and your existing staff. 

Our cobots are currently being used in various production-line functions across the world, from assembly to dispensing to soldering to screwdriving. Across the electronics industry, businesses are seeing just how affordable and easy-to-programme cobots are. It’s time for your business to discover their power too.