Using cobots to increase productivity in laboratory testing

Did you know? Collaborative robotic technology can be used to benefit a wide array of tasks, no matter what the end goal. Take laboratories for instance, where our cobots are being used to automate projects. 

Our cobots are boosting the drug discovery and development space worldwide by delivering high productivity gains and optimising project costs. When it comes to the laboratory setting, we know that precision and safety are critical, the available workspace can often be small, time can be limited and budget management is essential, which is why our solutions are so well-matched. 

Our cobots are incredibly easy to install and require very little space to function. In addition, cobots require just simple programming and very little training is needed for humans to operate so they can become part of your team quickly. Our cobots can also be quickly redeployed to new tasks as needed. Known for their precision, cobots never deviate from their assigned task and deliver the exact same results time after time, removing the risk of human error. Cobots can also increase productivity project-wide by giving scientists and researchers more time to spend on other areas of their important project.

So, how might cobots transform your lab operations? Discover how with the help of our automation experts by joining our ‘Using cobots to increase productivity in laboratory testing’ webinar at 11:00am on Wednesday September 9th.